Hydraulically operated, safe and easy to use. To operate, simply push and hold the start button on the electrical panel; the dock will rise and the lip will activate; release the start button and leveller will float down into truck bed. To remove the dock leveller from truck, press start button until dock leveller raises and the lip returns to closed position. Release start button and the dock will go back to resting position. To stop the leveller at anytime, press the red emergency STOP button.


H6616-40 model displayed above.

Standard Features:

  • Standard 16″ lip length with options up to 24″
  • Compliant with ANSI MH30.1
  • Maintenance strut supports deck and lip for under-deck inspection and maintenance
  • Available in 40,000-80,000 lb. capacities
  • 10 year limited warranty on main support deck and hinged lip
  • 2 year limited warranty on sub frame and components

Contact us for upgrade options including:


All Lower Mainland hydraulic dock levellers travel 12″ above and below dock level and come standard with a single push button control complete with an emergency stop button. Full range toe guards, maintenance safety strut and night lock and cross traffic support. Electrical supply in single and three-phase 115/208/230/460/575 volt.


6' Hydraulic Dock Leveller Series


7' Hydraulic Dock Leveller Series